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Frank Iero (Death Spells) @ Skate & Surf [Part 2]

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Frank Iero performing in Death Spells

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the cute Frodo Baggins

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I don’t know much, but I know I loathe you - Death Spells for frankyourdeath

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I, officially, own a signed Death Spells set list now.

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Death Spells.

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Heart’s on fire 
Uninspired, yes I’m preaching to the choir 
Pessimistic, narcissistic, introspective, hate required. 
My obsession with contrition 
Leaves me weak and feeling tired. 
My subconscious has no conscious 
Stay asleep is how I’m wired.

all photo credit to [x]

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Shit gets real when your friends end up dead,

lying in a puddle on the side of the bed-

but nothing says, “I love you,” like a capital crime,

I’m praying for injection instead of twenty-five.

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Shut it out, I’m on self destruct.

Photographed by Rhodesia Brown

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